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Managing Cryptocurrency and Business

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Cryptocurrency is getting more attention than ever before, but not everyone seems to be convinced it will eventually replace traditional centralised currency controlled by government authorities. What is distinct is that it gives you a quicker and more safeguarded alternative to the status quo. For many small , and medium businesses, this means a shift in how they conduct business, especially when it comes to making payments.

Adding cryptocurrency as a payment method can easily have significant implications for the way in which companies control risk and functions. It may need a rethinking of core organization processes and an internal conversation with multiple teams — including fund, technology, operations, legal, and risk management.

You will discover two ways that companies may start to incorporate cryptocurrencies into their operations. One is to allow the transaction of crypto payments without actually bringing the digital assets on the company “balance sheet”. This is typically accomplished by applying third-party vendors who personify the role of switching in and out of crypto in to fiat foreign exchange for payment. These vendors generally virtual data room for business entrepreneurs charge a fee for their products while likewise overseeing anti-money laundering (AML) and understand your client (KYC) compliance.

The various other option should be to fully adopt cryptocurrencies into the company’s payment devices. This requires a bigger change in the overall treatments and will likely involve proposal with all departments — like the board, committees, finance, accounting, treasury, IT, risk, procedures, communications, plus more. Ultimately, it is a major commitment and should be achieved with a full understanding of the complexities included.

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